Your numbers are our business.


Knowledge brings power to effectively control costs, increase profit and build and protect cash reserves.

Managerial Bookkeeping Services

Digits & DecimalsTM Inc. is like an in-house accounting department – you get the same value as an in-house team without having to employ 3-5 people full-time.


Our team will help you develop a strategic accounting and bookkeeping system step-by-step. We specialize in helping our clients:

  • Start new businesses on the right foot
  • Review existing records and processes
  • Research and resource new, better bookkeeping systems
  • Set up new bookkeeping programs, like Quickbooks and Simply Accounting

Our goal is to transform your bookkeeping into an effective management tool.

We provide customized coaching to individuals and groups in both English and French. Our team works with you to uncover and resolve business challenges through strategic bookkeeping systems and solutions.

Digits & Decimals Inc. provides strategic and systematic bookkeeping – which means that you’ll have all the up-to-date and accurate information you need to make sound financial decisions. Our bookkeeping services go beyond the full cycle accounting:

  • Analyze Profit Margins:
    • Cost accounting
    • Job/project costing
  • Enable Process Efficiency:
    • We make suggestions to improve your processes, therefore increase your bottom line and cash flow.
  • Facilitate Exception Management:
    • We have systems in place to allow us to alert you when there are unusual activities in your business.
  • Implement Fraud Controls:
    • We implement control systems where you business is at risk and minimize money leakages.
  • Expand Compliance:
    • Liaison with your vendors and customers to keep their records up-to-date and on time: payments due, account # information, address update, etc.
    • Employee records keeping
    • Insurance renewal reminders
    • Lease contract renewal and scheduled payment reminders
    • Corporate record keeping
    • Government filing: Payroll, Sale Taxes, WCB, etc.
  • Remote 
    • Allow your team and our team to be able to access your file simultaneously.
    • Keep your data safe with our daily offsite back-up.
  • Access to our exclusive network of professionals:
    • Tax
    • CGA & CA Firms
    • HR Specialists
    • Financial Planners
    • IT/Programmers
    • Social Media/Web Experts, etc.

Calculated Approach Consulting Inc is a subsidiary of Digits & Decimals. Whilst Digits & Decimals offers day to day bookkeeping related tasks, Calculated Approach goes deeper and help you solve more complicated issues. We adapt to your situations and needs.

We specialize in:

  • Bookkeeping Process
  • Controllership – Strategic Reporting – Outsourced Finance Dpt
  • Customized Training
  • Training for Bookkeepers


For more information, visit our website or contact us at 604 662 3964

Why Us?

Save on professional fees

We adhere to the highest standards of accounting practices. So your accountant’s job is easy.

Make better decisions

We don’t just “keep the books”, we provide efficient and effective solutions to help you make more sound financial decisions.


Be audit-ready

There’s no need to fear audits. Your records will be properly organized and our team will be available on-hand to assist auditors if need be.

Improve third party relationships

Our systems will help you minimize double entries and protect your interests.

Take control of your business.

We will take care of your bookkeeping and take the load off you.

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I highly recommend D & D to anyone looking for very professional bookkeepers. Thank you for all your help and guidance. We couldn’t do it without you.

Dr. Randall D. Trester

Owner, Wellness Chiropractor, West 1st Chiropractic Wellness Centre

We turned to Digits & Decimals when we realized our $25/hr basic bookkeeper was not getting us the information and accurate data we needed. The service, attention to detail and knowledge at Digits & Decimals has far exceeded our expectations.

Zan Romeder & Amrita Ahuja

Owners, Vital Body Weight Loss Clinic

I would absolutely recommend them, they are totally top notch. They’ve fundamentally changed how we do business, for the better. Great team, totally on the ball, and looking at your future growth as well.

Lucas Roberts

President, Macinhome Consulting Inc.

Stephanie understands bookkeeping systems thoroughly and better than average book keepers and accountants. The result of Stephanie’s re-work on our system is that it’s operated at a cost of 25 hours per week today, instead of the 60 to 70 hours we were spending prior to Digits & Decimals involvement.

Lars Konge

President, Production Drywall Inc.